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No dancing at your wedding reception? No problem!

Most wedding receptions follow this script: Cocktail hour, dinner, dancing, cake, go home. But that doesn’t mean your wedding has to! If you’re not into dancing or you want to shake things up a bit, you don’t need to worry ...

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What’s a groom’s cake – and do we have to have one?

Have you ever attended a wedding where two cakes were served? Chances are good that the second cake was a groom’s cake, made in honor of the groom. It is a tradition that dates back to Victorian times in Britain ...

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Say Cheers to a Signature Drink at Your Wedding

Want to simplify your wedding bar and serve guests something unique? Create a signature drink (or two!) for your wedding! A signature drink is a unique concoction created for a person or establishment (lots of bars have them). The ingredients ...

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Capturing Moments: Newlyweds Search for the Perfect Tree

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you can’t hire a professional photographer for a fun photo shoot. That’s what Kristi and Kevin did last month when they invited Jill Christine Design & Photography, the photographer at their August wedding, along on their ...

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Signature Drink: Color-Changing Martini

If you’re planning a Halloween wedding, you shouldn’t serve just any signature drink. We saw the Color-Changing Martini on Pinterest last week, and we instantly thought Halloween wedding! The fog rolling off this martini is spooky, and the way the ...

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Wonderful Watermelon Wedding Signature Drinks

It’s Memorial Day, and that gets us thinking about summer – which gets us thinking about watermelon. And what better way to celebrate the season at your summer wedding than a signature drink using the sweet pink and green fruit? ...

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