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Capture wedding night memories on canvas

Image from Love Is Art.

Image from Love Is Art.

If you’ve ever wanted a visual representation of your wedding night, now you can do so without anyone else in the room. Introducing Love is Art, a kit that includes everything a couple needs to create a unique work of art while they make love. Available in several color combinations, each kit includes non-toxic paint, a specially treated cotton canvas, drop cloth, and plastic slippers. Instructions help the couple work together through the process to create a unique, abstract work of art that captures a moment of passion.

Love Is Art was born after a friend of South African-born artist Jeremy Brown inquired about an abstract painting hanging in his home. Brown, who had been making such paintings for more than a decade, put together a kit for his friend after she exclaimed how much she loved the idea. He then spent months researching the safest materials for couples to use before launching his Love Is Art kits more than two years ago.

Once your artwork is finished and has dried, Love Is Art also offers canvas-stretching services so the artwork can be hung in your home. Just be prepared to explain to art lovers how your piece came to be!