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Can we register?

You and your fiance live together, and you already have just about everything you need to run a household. The last thing you need, in fact, is another blender. With that in mind, should you register?

The answer is “yes.” Register even if you live together, even if this isn’t your first marriage. Guests are going to want to buy you a gift, and most appreciate having a list of ideas to work from. If you don’t need the typical household items, register for items related to your hobbies and shared interests rather than blenders, towels and bed linens. (Unless, of course, you want or need those things!)

The usual rules of etiquette apply: spread information about your registry by word-of-mouth, not your invitations; and register for gifts across a wide spectrum of price points.

And, recognize that no matter what you do, you’ll probably still get a blender. (We did.) Just hope the giver includes a receipt!

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