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Building the Perfect Tablescape

As you’re talking to your caterer or decorator about your wedding reception, you might come across a new word: Tablescape. A tablescape is more than just a centerpiece – it’s the whole setting of your table décor.

A tablescape includes:

Serving pieces
Plates and glassware

If you’re a DIY bride, you can put together your own tablescape by following some simple guidelines. First, decide on the theme of your tablescape. Beach? Garden? A walk in the park? Vintage elegance? What colors will you use? Everything you put on your table will further that theme.

How will the table you’re decorating be used? Your buffet table, guest tables, and cake tables will all be decorated differently because they’ll be used differently. Generally, tables where the guests will be eating should have decorations down the middle so that guests are not crowded as they eat. The center decorations on this type of table may also be shorter so that guests can easily converse.

Once you’ve sorted out your theme and purpose, start from the bottom with tablecloths and runners. A well-executed tablescape has layers and levels. Don’t be afraid to layer linens, and look for rich colors and textures that coordinate with your theme.

Add levels, too – at least three, experts say. Put boxes or bowls on your table and layer more linen and fabric on top. For a traditional look, put your highest level in the center of your table. For a more modern design, put your highest level off center.

What else should you add to your tablescape? Flowers, fruit, and other organic objects are common, as are candles or other light sources like lanterns or twinkle lights. At beach weddings, you’ll want to use seashells or sand. For rustic celebrations, wood and burlap complement the theme.

Not sure where to start? Look no further than the web for inspiration. We’re pinning amazing tablescapes all the time on our Pinterest boards. Take a look and follow us for amazing new ideas!