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Boudoir Photography: A Gift for Him – and You!

It’s a unique gift your groom is sure to love: Intimate photographs of his bride to be. This private gift that he’s sure to treasure comes with an unexpected bonus: A boost in confidence for you.

Boudoir photography isn’t new, says Sandi Foraci of Sandi Foraci Photography. Foraci, who is one of Southern Maryland’s premiere photographers,  just launched ForaciBoudoir.com, a website devoted to her boudoir photography services.

While the definition of boudoir photography varies from photographer to photographer, Foraci said her intent is to capture something intimate and tasteful. “Generally, I believe boudoir photography includes images of the client in a private setting, with the intent to capture photographs that are sexy,” she said.

“I don’t think the concept is new,” she added. “I think it’s something we’ve been doing for years on our own to a smaller degree. However, having a session professionally done makes all the difference in the world!”

Foraci said the boudoir photography sessions she offers are private – just herself and the client in her home studio in Southern Maryland. “I offer a relaxed environment with a variety of furnishings and fabrics to complement your wardrobe,” she said. “In about an hour’s time, I will have captured a variety of poses that compliment your finest features and flatter your figure.”

Foraci works with a professional makeup artist for her boudoir sessions and makes an effort to get to know her clients. “I always connect with my clients in advance to find out what the photographs will ultimately be used for,” she said. “If it’s for a special someone, I may ask some questions about what that person loves about them.”

“Then, I’ll find out what insecurities you may have,” Foraci said. “I’ll make recommendations for choosing wardrobe, and then I’ll work very patiently with you as we capture the images you’re hoping for. A little wine and some of your favorite music will also help!”

Foraci isn’t new to boudoir photography; she’s been offering it for several years but decided to advertise it now. “I was approached in the past by a woman whose fiancé was going away to war,” she explained. “She wanted him to have a special gift that he could treasure while he was a way. The images we produced were amazing and something he still cherishes today.

Foraci said a boudoir session is a confidence boost for her clients. “Over time, I’ve had the pleasure of working with women of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities who have one simple goal,” she said. “They want what most women want: To feel beautiful and sexy.”“Since then, I’ve shot their engagement photos, their wedding, and portraits with all three of their children.”

“I think most women are too hard on themselves,” she added. “I know I’m probably my own worst critic. I’ve learned which angles, lighting, positions, and lenses can offer the most flattering result. Creating photographs that literally build a person’s self confidence feels really great.”

Not sure a boudoir session is for you? Foraci has two words for you: “Do it!”

“This is a gift that most don’t consider, and it’s a confidence booster,” she said, “whether you’re a bride who wants to offer your groom something sexy, a mom who needs a break from routine, a wife who wants to give her husband that perfect surprise, or any women who feels ready to celebrate their figure.”

Any last bits of advice? Foraci smiles. “Don’t forget to bring great shoes!”

Learn more about Foraci Boudoir at http://www.foraciboudoir.com/.

-Cori Meloney