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Blushing Bridesmaids?

By Britney Gross

040114-bridesmaids-01Everyone would agree that a bride should feel the most beautiful on her wedding day. She’ll spend countless hours fantasizing about her perfect dress and pinning various styles to her Pinterest board. Today, there are more wedding gown styles than ever before. With so many options, a bride must find what fits her personal style along with her body type. Hence, the reason a bride will spend hours upon hours searching the racks for the right dress.

Although it’s crucial for the bride to feel her most beautiful on the special day, she should keep in mind that her bridesmaids also want to feel their personal best. We know the saying is “blushing bride,” but bridesmaids might find their cheeks tinted pink from dress malfunctions and sheer embarrassment. There’s nothing worse than being at an important occasion and feeling uncomfortable about your body image. It’s important to be comfortable in your own skin, and wearing a flattering dress can boost your bridesmaids’ confidence.

It’s true that the bride has the final say, but she could use a little input along the way. A bride should be generous and allow her bridesmaids to voice their opinions when searching for the perfect bridesmaid attire. (Although bridesmaids must remember that it’s not their wedding and must respect a bride’s wishes.) Here are a few helpful tips to ensure everyone’s comfort on the big day.

Get Input
For starters, the bride should ask her bridesmaids what style dress is the most comfortable for them. This way, the bridesmaids have a say in what flatters their body and what doesn’t. It’s more important to have the women in the bridal party look their personal best than create the ever-popular bridal party clones. Every woman’s body is different, and not all of your chosen ladies are going to look or feel good in that strapless dress that’s meant for the most petite bridesmaid. It’s crucial to offer styles that will accommodate everyone in the bridal party to avoid having any woman stand out in a not-so-flattering manner.

Give Options
If the bride wants to maintain a sense of uniformity in her bridal party, she could limit the number of different dress styles from which they can choose. For instance, the bride could give her bridesmaids the option between a strapless, a halter top, or a one-strap dress. Remember, it’s the bride who chooses the color scheme and palette for the dresses.

Friends First
Ultimately, it’s the bride’s day, but she should remember that she wants to feel her most comfortable and so do her ladies in tow.