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Best FREE Wedding Apps

By Heather Miller, Hitched by Heather

After spending hours downloading dozens of wedding apps, and many more studying each one, I have finally found some of the best FREE wedding apps available! If you are currently using and loving other free apps, and don’t see them on this list, email me and I will add them!  Happy Planning!!

0-GawkericonWedding Gawker: 
I am absolutely in love with the wedding gawker app. I think all of the “gawkers” are amazing…foodgawker, craftgawker and stylegawker, but this one is my favorite. It’s like pinterest, but a little different and ALL ABOUT WEDDINGS! The app has a great search function, and once you log in, you can add items to your inspiration boards! Love it!



4-PinterestPinterest: If you are just now finding out about Pinterest, welcome to your new ADDICTION! Not only does it have everything wedding related to browse, but anything else you could possibly imagine! It is a combination of pictures linked to websites that help consume your days with inspiration and madness! Have fun and good luck getting any other work done!

5-Pinterest 6-Pinterest












7-BudgetWedding budget app:  If you need your budget close by so you can be ready to make split second decisions on whether or not you can afford that gorgeous $400 veil, then this app has you covered. It has a pretty good “starter” kit on budget necessities, but leaves a lot of room for you to add other important bills. It also has a due date reminder for paying vendors!













11-KnoticonThe Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner: This is the one stop shop to your budget, to do list, guest list and vendors. If you are already using The Knot online, then just download, sign in, and see all of your work show up on your phone.













15-KnothairiconThe Knot Wedding Hair 411: After being in SEVERAL weddings and never knowing what to do with my hair, this app is a life saver! It has every formal hair style known to man and is very easy to navigate!












18-WedPlanIconWedding Plan: This one caught my eye because of how easy it is to add and move each task. It has the standard “to do list” already available with the option to add as many as you need. There is a very fun way to show what you are currently working on, and what you have completed. Need to remind someone to complete a task, not to worry, you can easily forward a task to anyone with a due date! Watch out, Bridal Party!




21-77looksicon77Looks: Are you taking on the task to do your own wedding makeup to save some cash? This is the app for you. It has everything beauty with videos included. It also has hair tutorials if you want to go the extra mile to make your wedding even more DIY! This app is also great even if you’re not getting married. It includes all of the hot new trends in hair and makeup at the touch of your fingers! Yes, Please!



24-NoeevaiconNoeeva Wedding Playlist: I love this app for keeping track of your wedding music. Whether you choose to use a DJ, Band, or cut costs by having an ipod playing, this app has you covered. I love that you can add songs that are already in your library. You can also export the playlist to your DJ or band with one simple tap so they have your exact songs lined up. I would also forward to your planner in case there are any confusion!











29-MydayIconMyDay: If you like to keep track of every second until you marry your BFF, this is my most favorite free app by far to do that. Not only does it track your wedding, but you can have it track absolutely ANYTHING else; Summer, your next birthday, your honeymoon, your next vacation, etc. You can also add pictures to each count down to make it extra special. Love it!












32-THeknoticonNeckties 3D: When I found this app, I immediately wanted to go download it on my husbands phone! Not that he doesn’t know how to tie a tie, but there are some fun and fancy step-by-step instructions that will make your man look super chic! I think all Hubbys and Hubbys-to-be should have this app handy so he and his entourage can go down the aisle with serious sophistication and flair!











44-WeddingPartyWedding Party: There are a lot of wedding day photo apps out there. Guess what, almost all of them will end up costing who ever sets up the account. NOT THIS ONE! Have your guests sign in using a wedding name that you set up and choose. My suggestion on getting this information out there is to include the app name and wedding name on your wedding program or a note at each table at the reception. Then have your guests start snapping away to give you pictures that not even your photographer can capture!


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