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Behind the Lens: Getting the Perfect Ring Shot

Your wedding rings symbolize your new union and the commitment you’re making to your new spouse. Why not immortalize them in gorgeous photographs?

Maryland photographer Daysy Teixeira of Daysy Photography recently sent us some gorgeous ring shots, and we wanted to learn more about why she takes this picture every time she shoots a wedding or engagement session.


Southern Maryland Weddings: What do you look for in a ring shot?

Daysy Teixeira: I look to tell a history! That is: What goes on by the time I am about to create a ring shot. I always look around to see what is present [in] the environment that could help to tell the couple’s history.

If I am doing an engagement session in a park for example, I look for elements that would help me to compose the image, like snow, rocks, books, [and] flowers. I really love ring shots because they push me to think creatively while using a still subject. So it really needs to be technically beautiful, showing details of the ring shape, but also it needs to connect the couple to their history, telling of that day’s session.


SoMdWeddings: Do you always take ring shots when you do weddings? Why?

DT: Absolutely! Wedding bands are one of the most important traditional symbols of a couple’s union. They are a story teller, so it’s important to photograph them as well.


SoMdWeddings: Any other thoughts on the “ring shot”?

DT: I love doing ring shots, and I focus to create something very unique for each couple. That being said, I usually try to learn a little bit about each couple’s love story, so it helps me to get creative along the way because the “ring” goes from a “subject” to a “love story symbol” and that feeling makes tons of difference to me on the creative process!

On a little side note: Sometimes my couples get scared that I ask for their engagement ring itself for a shot (that is how precious it is for them), but I always assure them not to worry and rest a little bit because I know what I am doing, so they relax. Those are two very important things I am very aware of. First, I look for a safe place to shoot (free of gaps), and second, I look for a nice place to create a good composition shot.

Thanks for sharing with us, Daysy. Now, check out some more of her gorgeous ring shots.