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Beach Wedding Color Inspiration

Photo from DK Designs.

If you’re planning a beach wedding, you’ll have no shortage of color inspiration. The colors of the water, sand, seashells, flowers, and more will be competing for top billing. Where to start? Here are five color schemes ideal for beach and tropical weddings.

Navy Blue and White

Nautical and preppy, navy blue and white is a classic waterside color combination. Crisp white is the perfect foil for dark navy blue, and you can use this everywhere. White table linens contrast nicely with navy blue napkins or flowers. A navy blue belt can accent your wedding gown perfectly. And, navy blue is a nice alternative to traditional tuxedo black. You don’t have to get married on a boat to use navy blue and white – any celebration where the water has a starring role will do.

Blue and Yellow

Blue is a natural color choice for beach and destination weddings: From the water to the sky, you’re surrounded by every shade of blue imaginable. Add a shot of sunshine yellow, and you’ve got a bold color combination made for the beach. Be careful when using yellow in attire; a yellow bridesmaids’ dress might not be the right shade for everyone’s complexion, but yellow accents, jewelry, or shoes could be perfect.

Turquoise and Orange

Turquoise blue is one of those shades of blue you’ll find in the water and sky at the beach, and when paired with orange, you have a bold – and bright – color combination. The colors are crisp and summery when paired with white. If orange scares you a little, use it as an accent color only – lots of tropical flowers are orange – or tone it down. Pairing turquoise or teal with a more peachy orange will be just as appropriate for the beach but not as bright.

Coral, Orange, and Fuchsia

It’s a stereotype that all beach weddings use blue. Draw your inspiration from the tropical flowers that surround you, and you’ve got coral, orange, and fuchsia. A bold combination to be sure, these three colors are not for the faint of heart. The combination is fun and in-your-face, and there are tons of ways you can accent with them. And yes, they’ll be gorgeous against the blue of the water and sky.

Light Yellow, Gray, and Cream

For a more sophisticated beach wedding, go for softer colors. A light yellow, gray, and cream white will complement the softer side of the beach – think the sand and bubbles in the surf – without overpowering them like a bolder color combination might do. This color combination is great if you’re looking for a beach wedding that’s a little more formal and soft.