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Be the Best Groomsman

090914-groomsmen-01What are the qualities of a great groomsman? He’s suave, he’s always ready to help, and he helps throw great parties. Oh, yeah – and he looks fantastic in a tux or suit. Read more about the qualities of the best groomsman to find out how you can represent your friend, the groom!


One of a groomsman’s main duties is to help out as needed. Carry the heavy things to and from the reception and ceremony. Pitch in during decorating, and stick around for cleanup. At the reception, keep an eye on the gifts – yes, things do get stolen – and help transport them after the reception is over.

Groomsmen (and bridesmaids, too) make great gophers in the days before the wedding. Offer to run errands, make pickups, and take care of last-minute details. Are guests coming in at the airport? Offer to organize a shuttle system to get everyone where they need to be. Helping out where ever you can takes some stress and worry away from the bride and groom.


Another groomsman job is to be there for the groom. He’s going to have pre-wedding jitters (everyone does!), so lend an ear when he needs to chat. Maybe wedding planning stress is getting to him. Listen well, and then plan an outing to distract him. Take in a movie, go out to eat, or catch a ballgame. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it shouldn’t be related to the wedding.

At the wedding, guests are going to look to the bridal party for information. Make sure you have all the answers (or at least know who does). Help people find the ceremony and reception locations: direct them to the restrooms, guest book, and bar; and be “information central” for the guests. Know the days’ schedule and itinerary well so you can tell guests what is happening when and where.

An easy way to help out the bride and groom and alleviate some of their stress is to be on time, follow the itinerary, and heed their instructions. No one wants to spend their wedding day tracking down a missing groomsman!

Good Looks

Groomsmen are dashing and debonair, whether you’re wearing a tux or a light linen suit. Look the part by helping the groom choose the male attendants’ attire and then getting yourself measured and fitted by a professional. If you’re worried about the cost of being a groomsman, be up front with the groom when he asks you to be in the wedding party. Your costs will include your attire, travel to the wedding and pre-wedding events, hotel, bachelor party, and gifts.

Use your groomsman good looks by attending as many pre-wedding parties as you can. You’re the groom’s entourage, after all! Some or all of these events may take place: engagement party, bachelor party, couple’s shower, and rehearsal dinner. You’ll be tasked with helping the best man plan the bachelor party. Don’t miss this important rite of passage for the groom!

When the wedding day rolls around, act as a host. At the ceremony, you might have to seat guests and/or hand out programs. During the reception, spend a lot of time on the dance floor. Dance with the bridesmaids and other single female guests. Greet guests and answer their questions. Make sure they’re having a good time. The newlyweds will love seeing everyone at their reception having fun!