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All in the Family

If you and/or your fiancé has children from a previous relationship, you’re doing more than getting married on your wedding day: You’re blending your families together. Symbolize the blending of your two families with a special ritual during your ceremony. Our partner stores Bridal Everything offers several options for marking the start of your new, combined family.

Sand Ceremony

The sand ceremony has become increasingly popular at all types of weddings, not just beach weddings. It replaces the unity candle. The bride and group each pour sand of a different color into a shared vessel. The mixing of the sand symbolizes the intertwining of their lives.

If you’ve got kids, buy additional colors of sand – one for each child. Parents and kids mix their sand together to show they’re a new family.


Unity Sand Cermony Nesting Vase Set


Unity Sand Ceremony Miniature Nesting Vases


Quartz Sand in a Rainbow of Colors

Rose Ceremony

Another unity ceremony that can be adapted for families is the rose ceremony. Two smaller vases hold a rose for each person; during the ceremony, the participants place their rose into a larger central vase. Whether you go with roses of one color for everyone, one color per family, or a different color per person, you’re sure to end up with a beautiful bouquet at the end.


Rose Ceremony Set

Family Unity Candle

You can’t go wrong with the classic unity candle ceremony. Each person uses his or her own candle to light a large pillar candle. Find a candle that can be personalized with everyone’s names.


Family Crest Personalized Unity Candle


Family Circle Monogrammed Unity Candle