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All About That List: Following Up After a Bridal Show

april15-floristphoneYou’ve set up at a couple of bridal shows, and you’ve got a long list of couples who stopped by your booth.

When the big day is over, it’s no longer about booth set up and your display.

It’s all about that list – that list of leads of collected.

Hopefully you’ve gotten this information from each couple: Names, email addresses, home and cell numbers, mailing address(es), wedding date, and wedding location. You’ll need it when you follow up with them.

You’ve got the information; now, what do you do with it? To get the most out of your bridal show experience, follow these post-bridal show rules.

Rule No. 1: Don’t Wait

Don’t wait until bridal season is over before reaching out to the couples who signed your list. Make the first contact a day or two after the show – especially with couples who had wedding dates on dates that you currently have open and who seemed really close to booking your services. (Make notes as you speak with couples to help you remember them when you call.)

If you wait too long, the couples are going to forget why they loved you, and they may book with someone else.

What’s the best way to reach out? For couples with whom you felt a strong connection, a phone call or personal email is best. Don’t send something canned to these couples. If they’re close to making a decision, they may need a personal touch to move them forward with you.

Rule No. 2: Stand Out

Set yourself apart from the competition, and use multiple methods to contact the couples on your list.

For example, you may start with an email blast in the day or two after the show. Thank them for stopping by your booth, offer to answer any questions, and make an offer they can’t refuse – discount, freebie, etc. Make the call to action clear. What do you want them to do? Call you? Visit your website? Forward your message to a friend? Be specific.

Next, you might send a direct mail piece, like a postcard. So few companies send snail mail anymore that you’ll get attention just for doing something different. What should your postcard include? An offer, a deadline, and easy-to-find contact information (phone, email, cell number, social media, etc.). Again, your call to action should be clear.

Rule No. 3: Make It Worth It

As we alluded to above, your contact with couples should include an offer they can’t refuse. Maybe you offer a free item or service or a discount on services if they book by a certain date. Make it so good that they can’t help but say yes. Putting a deadline on your offer creates urgency – give them a week or two to make the decision.

Not everyone on your list is ready to book. Offer a goodie for booking a consultation or meeting. Something as simple as a restaurant gift certificate or store gift card can entice couples to meet with you in person. You can do the same for referrals – offer a thank you gift for every referral that turns into a booking.

TELL US: How do you follow up with couples after a bridal show?