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A Wedding Day Survival Kit – For the Groom!

011915-groom-01The bride isn’t the only one who needs to be prepared for everything on her wedding day – the groom does, too! What should he pack in his survival kit? Well, a lot of it is similar the suggestions for the bride’s survival kit:

Band aids/small first aid kit
Headache medicine
Any prescription medications that might be needed
Wipes/moist towelettes
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Cell phone
Important phone numbers (family, bridal party, vendors)
A little cash

Here are a few extra things the groom might want to have on hand for the big day:

Extra socks
Extra shirt buttons
Sewing kit
Extra cufflinks
Shoe polish
Static spray
Lint brush
Duct tape (you never know!)
Any legal documents that are needed

Brides who are making up the survival kit might want to throw in a couple of extras, just for fun:

A picture of you
A stress ball or a small ball for tossing with the guys
A small bottle of alcohol (to take the edge of those nerves)

Then, pack it all into an attractive toiletry bag he can use for your honeymoon and future travel.