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A Fabulous Tent Design

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One of the main attractions of planning a wedding in Southern Maryland is the beautiful outdoor view of the rural country side, a budding vineyard, or the calming waters of the river or bay.  Most of these locations require the use of a tent for either the ceremony, reception or both.  A pole frame tent is pretty basic.  It can have a box like shape or have a scalloped canopy top. {We love the scalloped canopy top- of course.}  It is supported by poles. Many brides rent the tent “as-is”, place tables and chairs beneath it and proceed with the wedding.  “No, no”- we say!  A beautiful tent can be the main focal point of your wedding.  This is where guests will spend most if not all of their time while they are celebrating with you. As you know, we love details.  Yes, you can add detail to a basic tent. Here is how you can achieve this look.


{Local vendor / photo credits: www.tophatparty.com}

You can start by adding leg skirts to the legs or support poles of the tent as shown below on the tent to the left.  Or window panels can also be added to the tent.  The window panels can really dress up the tent and also aid in controlling climate surprises, such as a rain shower or high wind.


{Local vendor / photo credits: www.tophatparty.com}

The window panels can be pulled back as not to enclose the whole tent, but only a corner or part of the tent.


{Local vendor / photo credits: www.elitebeatz.com}

Drapery can be hung from the interior support poles and/or sides of the tent to add a sense of drama and height.


{Local Vendor / photo credits: www.baileyspartyrentals.com}


{photo credits: http://www.colonialevent.com/images-decor.html}

platten wedding 232

{photo credits: http://sayleslivingstonflowers.blogspot.com/2010/09/what-lovely-wedding-at-mount-hope-farm.html}

Lastly, tent lining and chandeliers can be added to the ceiling of the tent.  This combination by far adds the most detailing and elegance to your tent design.


 {Local vendor / photo credits: www.tophatparty.com}


{photo credits: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/originals/87/0b/7a/870b7af4fa79527e0c1fe983c6250f7a.jpg}


{photo credits: http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/d9/45/ce/d945ced0808d21433329b04297791d4a.jpg}

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