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6 Social Media Rules for Engaged Couples

010515-engaged-01Did you get engaged over the holidays? Congratulations!

No doubt you’re still on cloud nine and soaking up the well wishes of those you love you. We hope you’ll take a peek at our tips for newly engaged couples at “You’re Engaged – Now What?!?!?” to help you get started on the wedding-planning process.

And, we hope you’ll heed some of these new etiquette rules for social media while you’re spreading the good news and planning your wedding. There’s nothing new here – just updated guidelines for the age of social media.

Call home first.

Tell your parents and close family and friends about your engagement before you post the good news to social media. Would your best friend be hurt if she heard about your engagement on Facebook first? Give her a call before you post.

Mum’s the word on the ring.

Go ahead and share ring pictures – everyone wants to see it! – but keep details like cost and carat size to yourself.

Don’t be an over-sharer.

What happens if you post all wedding stuff all the time to your social media? Your friends are going to tune you out, hide you, or worse, unfriend you. Mix it up, and consider only posting the highlights – parties, major decisions, etc. – rather than posting about every little decision you make. Don’t you want something to be a surprise on your wedding day?

How will you know if you’re oversharing? If the number of comments and likes on your wedding posts drops, that’s a sign your friends are getting tired of it.

Invite in person.

Social media is not the place for any kind of wedding invitation. Don’t ask friends to be part of your bridal party over social media – call or get together. The same goes for invitations to the wedding itself – send invitations through the mail.

Do you really want everyone’s opinion?

Go ahead and crowdsource from your social media following for advice, recommendations, and information, but maybe keep final decisions to yourself. You can post a picture of the bridesmaids’ dresses, but be aware that you’re going to get opinions from strangers or fringe friends what you may not want.

No registries on social media.

Social media is not the place to share links to your wedding registry. In fact, the bride and groom should never tell guests where they are registered – unless asked directly, of course. Instead, give that information to your parents and bridal party so they can answer questions from curious guests.