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6 Reasons to Consider a Short Wedding Dress

The long, white or ivory wedding gown is still the choice of most brides, but a peek onto the runways of Bridal Fashion Week will show you that nontraditional wedding gowns are gaining in popularity.

One of the hottest trends? Short wedding gowns. From mini to tea length to ankle length and every length in between, brides are opting for shorter, flirtier dresses. Is this the right choice for you? Here are six reasons why you might want to wear a short wedding dress.

You want to dance the night away. It’s a fact of life: Short dresses are more comfortable and easier to move in than long dresses. This is true whether you’re a bride who wants to walk along the beach or a bride who wants to dance all night. (And we haven’t even talked about using the bathroom yet.)

You’re planning an informal wedding. Short dresses are by their nature less formal than long gowns, so if you’re planning an informal, intimate, courthouse, or beach wedding, a short dress might be the right choice for you. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, a short dress won’t get dirty as it drags on the ground.

You’re planning a destination wedding. Go ahead. Try and stuff a long, poufy wedding gown into your suitcase as you jet off for your destination wedding. Short dresses are easier to travel with.

You’ve got great shoes. Your wedding shoes are amazing, but under that long skirt, no one knows it! A short wedding dress lets you add a pop of color and style in your footwear, and everyone will see it.

You’re a petite bride. Petite women can get lost in a long gown. A short dress won’t overwhelm your small frame.

You want to save money. Less fabric means a lower price! Long wedding gowns are expensive; you may save money by opting for a shorter dress.

Not sure you want to go short for your ceremony? If your budget allows, get a long gown for the ceremony and change into a shorter dress for your reception!

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