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6 New Year’s Resolutions for Engaged Couples

jan15-couple-01It’s a new year, and on top of flipping the pages on the calendar, you’re in the throes of wedding planning. Sure, you’ve made some personal resolutions for the new year, but why not talk with your partner about making resolutions as a couple? Here are six ideas to get you started.

Stay focused.

Wedding planning is a job in itself, and planning can become all consuming. It’s not uncommon for people – OK, we’ll say it, brides, especially – to get so wrapped up in wedding planning that their relationships suffer. Stay focused on why you’re getting married. Sure, the details of the big day are important, but don’t lose sight of your partner, your love for each other, and the life you’re building together.

Try something new.

Has your partner been bugging you about trying something new? Going on a crazy adventure vacation? Say yes and sign up for those classes or book that trip. Even if one of you hasn’t been asking the other to try something new, start the year with a plan to learn something new together. A new hobby, and the time together to learn and practice it, gives you quality couple time and can bring you closer together.

Lighten up.

Planning a wedding and getting married is stressful! There are decisions to make, large sums of money are flying around, and to top it all off, you’re setting the course for the rest of your life.

OK, now breathe.

Take deep breaths more often, and make an effort to lighten up, especially with your partner. Watch a comedy, go dancing, or just laugh and be silly. You’ll release stress, which will let you come back to wedding planning with renewed energy and focus.

Listen, listen, listen.

This resolution isn’t exclusive to engaged couples. We’re willing to bet everyone on the planet could use improvement in their listening skills. When your partner – or best friend, mother, best man, wedding planner etc. – is speaking, try to really hear what they’re saying. Take a second to think, and then formulate your response. Relationships of all kinds improve when both sides feel like they’re being listened to.

Stick to your budget.

You set a wedding budget when you started planning, but now it seems like you need all the bells and whistles available for wedding. Think before you spend: Do you really need them? Is it worth breaking your budget and going into debt? If you have student loans, credit card debt, or dreams of buying a house, think about whether you want wedding day debt added on to the pile. You made a budget. Stick to it.

Mark your calendar for date night.

Make one-on-one date nights a priority. Weekly, twice a month – whatever works for your schedule. Alone time gives you time to focus and step back from wedding planning. Maybe you’ll even get to practice your new listening skills or make plans for the new hobbies you’ll learn together this year.

TELL US: What resolutions have you and your partner made together for this year?