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5 Wedding Dress Trends to Watch in 2017

Wedding dress designers work on a different timeline than the rest of us. While you’re thinking about your 2017 wedding now, designers are already looking ahead to 2018. It takes about six months for wedding gown designs to go from fashion show to shop, so the designs you’re lusting after now were introduced several months ago.

And have we got some trends to show you! Here’s what hot if you’re gown shopping this year.

Bringing Sexy Back

The plunging necklines from last season are here to stay, and they’re getting deeper. Low backs remain popular, though there are ways to make these trends a little more modest if plunge isn’t your thing. (See trend No. 2.)

But designers haven’t stopped there. Remember the illusion neckline that was hot a couple of years ago? Now the illusion has taken over the whole bodice – sometimes the whole dress! – with carefully placed details to make sure you’re covered where you need to be. Thse details are coming in many forms, including lace, beading, and embroidery.

Providing Sheer Coverage

Maybe the plunging neckline or low back by themselves is too much for you. Some brides don’t want to wear a gown that is so overtly sexy on their wedding day. Designers are toning down those plunges with sheer overlays or modesty panels. You get the look of the plunge with an illusion covering that makes you feel more covered. For coverage “with an edge,” Wedding Wire recommends netting. It gives you the coverage you want with a harder edge than traditional lace or tulle.

Going Off the Shoulder

Strapless gowns have ruled for years, but this year, they’re getting competition from off-the-shoulder gowns. This neckline is found on all types of gowns, from the minimalist to the ornate. It’s a romantic, effortless look that lets brides show off a little skin.

Adding Capes and Covers

This year’s trends are a study in contrasts. On one hand, plunging necklines are hot. But on the other side, designers are creating cover ups to go over their gowns. These are most popular as capes, capelets, bolero jackets, or ponchos. Besides being stylish, these covers are practical, too, especially if you’re marrying when the weather is chilly or unpredictable.

Rising Hemlines

In 2017, the tea-length wedding gown is making a comeback! The vintage wedding trend is still immensely popular, and this type of gown is perfect for that style celebration. The hemline on tea-length dresses are above the floor but below the knee, and they’re flirtier than a floor-length gown. If you don’t want to wear a short dress for your ceremony, this length dress is a great choice for your reception or rehearsal dinner.

Other Trends to Watch

  • Minimalist: Light on details and fussiness, with a focus on fit and construction
  • Bows: The bigger the better!
  • Nude/Beige: A subtle way to add color to your wedding gown