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5 Wedding Dress Trends for 2018

We’re just a few days away from the start of spring and the busy wedding season here in Southern Maryland. What might you see walking down the aisle this year? Here are five hot trends that fashion watchers see coming in wedding dresses.

Capes and Jackets

If you’re dreaming of a fairy tale, Cinderella, princess wedding, Brides magazine says, the cape trend will speak to you and your princess dreams. Some capes are long and flowy, while others are shorter, like a capelet. Forego the veil if you’re wearing a cape, Brides says.

If a dreamy cape isn’t your style, edgy brides will be happy about the jacket trend spotted by Brides and Wedding Wire. They spotted leather jackets and studded jackets perfect for brides who want something a little bolder. But don’t worry – lace and sheer jackets are out there, too, if you want a softer look. A bonus: You will probably be able to wear your jacket again!

Detatched Sleeves

It looks like a strapless dress, but it has sleeves! Whether they’re separate pieces or attached by a thin bit of fabric, these sleeves let you wear a strapless gown but have the off-the-shoulder look that’s been hot the last few years. Plus, when you don’t want those sleeves, off they go.

Higher Hemlines

From tea length to mini to high-low styles, wedding gowns are no longer always floor length. Play with length, especially if you’re planning a casual, relaxed fete. Some high-low gowns are really dramatic – mini skirt in the front and ankle length or longer in the back!


Brides magazine noted that most designers included at least one wedding pantsuit in their runway shows. They’re common for civil, town hall weddings, but you might start seeing more brides buck the trend and wear them for weddings at other locations. Love the mini skirt trend? Some designers even make short jumpsuits!

Shoulder Bows

Bows have long been a part of bride (and bridesmaids’) dresses, but here they get smaller and are perched on your shoulder. Some are barely noticeable, while others cascade to your elbow, knee, or the floor.