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4 Summer Wedding Make Up Tips

062915-summermakeup-01Whether you’re the star of the show or a wedding guest, there’s one enemy all women at a summer wedding will face: The heat. High temperatures and humidity can melt even the most gorgeous makeup. Here are four tips for avoiding the wedding day make up melt.

Avoid moisturizer. If you can, skip the moisturizer that day or use strategically on the dry spots on your face. Opt for a primer instead. Primer helps prepare your skin for makeup and helps everything stay in place.

Go light. Use a sheer foundation and apply lightly. Use a damp sponge so you can use less foundation, and apply extra where needed. Like all weddings, the idea is to enhance your natural beauty, not to make you look like someone else.

Waterproof your eyes. We’re talking about more than tears here. Waterproof mascara is a must, of course, because there will be tears, but your eye makeup needs to withstand sweat and humidity, too. Primer or another eye base will help keep shadow in place, and a sweat-proof concealer will keep those dark spots covered. Gel eyeliner will stay in place better than a pencil liner.

Carry a touch-up kit. Don’t leave home without it! Your kit should include your lip color, face powder and/or blotting papers, and Q-Tips to clean up the area under your eyes.

As always, schedule a pre-wedding makeup trial run with your makeup artist, and talk about preparing for heat on your big day.