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3 Tips for Making Your Wedding Theme Work for You

You don’t have to choose a theme for your wedding, but if you’re not sure where to start your planning, choosing a theme can help you move forward. Here’s how to make your theme work for you.

A theme can be anything.

You don’t need a complicated theme for your wedding. There may be a style or look you like or a color scheme you’d like to work with. Think about you and your fiancé(e)’s interests, personalities, and tastes. What season are you marrying in? What kind of mood or emotion to you want to evoke at your wedding? What are your favorite colors? Have you already chosen a venue? Perhaps a decorating style at your venue can inform your planning.

A theme is cohesive.

Choosing a theme – even something as simple as a color scheme – helps you keep the look of your wedding day cohesive. When you’re making decisions with your theme in mind, everything about your day, from invitations to attire to favors, looks like it goes together.

A theme helps you choose.

You’ll have to make dozens of decisions while you plan your wedding. A theme can help you make choices, which is especially helpful if you’re indecisive or aren’t really invested in a particular aspect of your day. Don’t really care what color linens you have? Opt for colors that go with your theme. Can’t choose between centerpiece options? Choose the one that goes best with the theme you’ve built for yourselves.

If you’ve chosen a theme that is a strong decorating style – say, rustic or 1920 vintage, for example – you’ll want to make sure your venue and attire go along with the theme. A formal wedding at a rustic barn would look out of place. A casual, country western party doesn’t go with the vibe of a hotel ballroom.