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3 Groom and Groomsman Clothing Trends to Watch

We talk a lot about how wedding gown and bridesmaid dress trends change from year to year, especially when New York Bridal Fashion Week rolls around each spring.

But the guys’ styles change, too. For example, have you noticed that you rarely see a groom in tails anymore? Tails are out, according to some fashion experts. What’s in? Here are three groom and groomsman trends to watch.


When all the guys are wearing the same (or similar) suits or tuxedos, it can be difficult for them to stand out. The solution? Accessories! From novelty or colorful socks to printed bow ties, ties, and pocket squares, groom and their guys are taking every little chance they can to show some personality. Socks, ties, and cuff links are becoming popular gifts for the groom to give his men. Another trendy accessory? Suspenders!


Black remains the top choice of most grooms, but more and more are choosing color. Gray, blue, and burgundy were popular in 2016, and they remain popular in 2017. Bolder grooms are choosing tweed and check-pattern suits. If that’s too much pattern for you, wear solid pants and a patterned jacket.


General menswear trends are present in formalwear, and that is especially true when it comes to fit. Slim fit, skinny, and ultra slim fit suits are the style, and flat front pants are preferred over pleated pants.

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