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3 Bridal Shower Trends for 2014

071414-spadayWill you be wearing a hat made of ribbons and bows at your bridal shower? More and more brides are answering “no” to that question – their friends and families are planning different kinds of parties. Here are three trends in bridal shower planning this year.

But no matter what you plan, don’t forget to invite Grandma and all the aunts.

A Theme Event

From food to wine to her favorite hobby, bridal party planners are giving the event a purpose. What is the bride into? Build the party around her interests: Bring in someone to conduct a wine or beer tasting. Collect recipes from guests and ask for kitchen-themed gifts if the bride loves to cook. For a bride with a green thumb, plan a garden-themed party – either fancy and set in the garden or down on your hands and knees digging in the dirt. A word of advice: Keep the theme PG, especially if you expect older relatives or children to be there.

Invite the Guys

As more and more couples pay for their own weddings, guys are becoming more involved in wedding planning – including all of the pre-wedding parties! Couples showers include male friends and relatives and guests, and themes and gifts are related to the couple’s interests. From backyard barbecues to classy cocktail parties, couples showers can be anything you want. How about a “stock the bar” party? Fill the couple’s car with top-shelf liquors and fancy glasses.

Destination Shower

Why not take the bride’s shower on the road? Go away for the weekend, or take a vineyard tour. Or, stay closer to home with a day at a spa or a party at a restaurant or country club. If the bride is the active type, go camping or hiking or host the party at a ski lodge.

One more trend …

One more trend we’re seeing in bridal showers? The girls are getting their own party – and so are the guys! The groom’s friends and family are celebrating him with poker-themed parties, power tool-themed events, or simple luncheons.