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14 Food and Drink Bars That Will Delight Your Guests

Candy buffets have long been a reception addition at weddings, but today’s couples are thinking outside the candy shop – and outside the box. Treat, drink, and food bars are becoming a fun wedding addition that allows couples to share their favorite foods with their guests.

Check out these 14 food and drink bars that will totally spoil your guests.

Cookie bar. See the pin.

Decadent Treats

Some couples offer dessert buffets in addition to their wedding cake. Other trending treat bars include:

S’mores Bar: Offer graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows for a classic s’mores bar, or add different kinds of toppings, chocolate, and cookies so guests can make something unique!

Cookie Bar: Got a favorite cookie? (Or two or three?) Share your favorites with your guests! Don’t forget the milk.

Sundae Bar: You can’t go wrong with a selection of ice cream or frozen yogurt – and a bar full of tasty toppings and sauces.

Donut Bar: They’re not just for breakfast anymore! Bring out the donuts when your reception stretches late into the night.

Sangria bar. See the pin.

Thirst Quenchers

Your wedding bar – whether it’s wine, beer, mixed drinks, or all of the above – is one thing. Check out these drink bars for something unique:

Sangria Bar: Offer a few types of sangria already mixed, or let guests make their own. If you go the DIY route, put out a selection of wines and several kinds of fruit that guests can add in to their drink.

Hot Chocolate Bar: If you’re marrying when it is cold, guests will appreciate a warm drink!

Coffee Bar: Coffee with all the trimmings is a great idea for daytime or brunch weddings.

Grilled cheese bar. See the pin.

Savory Stations

Food bars and stations are fun for your cocktail hour, late-night reception, or after party. We’re salivating over these ideas:

Taco and Burrito Bars: All you have to do is put out the ingredients; let guests build their own!

Salsa Bar: A selection of salsas is at home with your taco or burrito bar or at a cocktail reception where quesadillas or tortilla chips are on the menu.

Macaroni and Cheese Bar: You can’t go wrong offering guests different kinds of this comfort food. They’ll love it at a late reception or after party.

Grilled Cheese Bar: Want to feel like a kid again? Offer your guests a grilled cheese bar, but make it grown up with different kinds of cheeses, fillings, and fancy breads.

Olive Oil Bar: When bread is on the menu, a bar of flavored dipping oils will be welcome.

Potato Bar: It doesn’t matter if you prefer your potatoes mashes, as fries, or in tot form. Put out your favorite spuds and toppings to go on them. The sky’s the limit!

Pancake or Waffle Bar: If you’re planning a brunch wedding, you can’t beat a pancake or waffle bar with a variety of toppings and syrups.

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